30 December 2009

2010 year of Tiger

Here is a tiger. I drew it yesterday in Photoshop.
I wanted to make a card out of it, but words just seem out of place here.  I want all attention to be on the tiger.

Happy New Year!

29 December 2009

"Kalendar" again.

This time i didn't submit it, because they have a "day for wrapping up gifts". And as you can see, I drew unwrapping...

Happy unwrapping to all of you!

28 December 2009

Another "Kalendar" illo

they spelled their site "kalen-dar" that's why I spell it this way.

This one is for the "day of looking for the forgotten gratitude"

Here is another one for Kalendar

This one is for the "Day of Lemon Candy Passion". I already did it once. It was last year. I think it was one of my first, the one that inspired me to try more.

Here is another try.


I recently posted an illustration for the Illustration Friday and also decided to post some for the Kalen-dar site.

Here is one for the "Day of looking for the Northern Deer"

Here is for the "Day of the Snow Angels"

26 December 2009

More sketches

A couple of other sketches that I colored in photoshop.

IF: Pioneer

I haven't been posting for a long long time. But now I feel an "urge" again.


Merry Christmas

My warmest wishes to all of you, no matter of whether you celebrate Christmas or not!

Hugs and kisses, my dearest friends! I love you all!


I've been making these small avatars for my friends. I hope they like them. I just found a bunch of my older pencil sketches. I decided to make them in Photoshop instead of the Illustrator. It is easier, but also more difficult. I can't seem to find how to draw straight. Most of my lines appear squiggly :)

20 December 2009

I'm back (click on the name to expand)

Hello my friends! I am back from vacation. We went to the Dominican, it was great! The weather was awesome, a bit windy, but just right.

The ocean was warm, the palm trees and the sand were there, food and drinks all included. I still have the resort bracelet on my wrist.

I made a few photos, I'll show them later. I brought my sketch book and my pencils with me, and was sketching away on the beach, in the lobby, and in the airport.

Here they are. Actually, I will start with a photo from my phone (I brought my blackberry with me, downloaded 6 books and was reading them on the beach. I don't need a separate reader, I can totally use my Blackberry for anything! I love it!)


8 December 2009


They took out my tooth today. Now I am in pain. All day long. Can't really open my mouth, can't speak, can't eat. Well, I ate a little, only soup. Still hungry..

3 December 2009

Just a girl

I started making this girl for a project, and by the time I finished, I realized that she is totally wrong for it.

But I still like the girl. So here is just a girl. For nothing.