30 June 2009

IF: worn

I meant to show a worn out dress, ripped to shreds and all faded. But then just ended up drawing an every day situation at home. When I think what to wear. Everything seems to be so worn.

23 June 2009

More faeries

I want to make more faeries, and also more non-faeries art. But I am stuck again, because between work, looking for a house and maybe even another job, I have no energy left for anything else.

Here are 3 more little magical creatures.

19 June 2009

IF: drifting

I haven't participated in IF challenges since... I don't even know how long. Now I feel the "itch" again. Here is "drifting"...

18 June 2009

Dear Bella...

I am so sorry for your loss... I wish you all the strength for yourself and your daughters. Hang in there... We are here, when you need us.

16 June 2009

Mint fairy

Remember the other one, pulling poor plants, "trying to make them grow faster"? LOL

Now, looky how big they are now! Huge! We've been having mint and oregano every day in salads and with onion and peas, and I even add a few leaves of mint into a jug of water, to give it some flavor. Much healthier than... oh well.

15 June 2009

Something positive. For no reason.

I realize I have been slacking recently. Not posting much. Not commenting much.
To be honest, I have been busy taking pictures and studying the environment around me. I am amazed how much beauty is around me! If I didn't start looking, I would have just walked by, as if it doesn't matter. But it does. It does matter. I want to notice every little detail. And make my life full of color, beauty and positive experiences.

Here are a few posts with photos from my LJ blog. There is no need for words really. Pictures are worth hundreds of words. Take a look:

Some everyday patterns

Riverdale Art Walk (1)

Riverdale Art Walk (2)


I promise to come back with some illos soon!

Have a great day!