30 July 2010

Flashmob - Rain, Rain, come and play!

My friends in Moscow are all suffering from unusually high temperatures. Most of the apartments and houses are not set up for such heat, hence don't have proper air conditioners and people are going crazy, looking forward to some relief.

My friend, a fellow artist, suggested to collectively dream up some lower temperatures and even some rain. They call it " online flashmob": when people start posting their own interpretation of a certain topic.

Here's my rain:

5 July 2010

Mural. Started!!!

So I finally started my baby room mural. I procrastinated for half a year :)) Although, this was a good thing, that I delayed the mural, as we have decided to move baby room to another room, from the originally planned.

Anyways, here is what I've done today.

1 July 2010

Coo Coo sketches

Coocoo's face is very funny. She always looks very surprised and at the same time almost upset. I tried taking her picture with my camera, but every time camera clicks, Coocoo squints and that funny look disappears. I tried sketching her, but she moves too much, and I can't catch that funny expression. She doesn't move though when she stares through the windows, or lounges on the floor. So that's what I sketch...

Ehh.... and yes, she is a fatso :))

Here is the original :)