24 July 2009

Not drawing anything recently

You think i'm lazy? 'cause I'm not drawing anything recently?

Well.. you are right yes. Although I'm not drawing anything because... my creativity is trapped in one of these boxes we have all over our house....

I guess not only my creativity got trapped in a box :)

16 July 2009

Ice cream...

We are lucky today... Rather hot outside, with promises of more clouds and even rain later on...

I am into drawing girls :)

Here is a funny story. I posted 3 pictures for sale on ebay. They were not selling and I stopped checking, hoping to receive email notification if they sell.

And then forgot.

And then 7 days later I found out that I need to send a quote to the buyer!!!! OMG!

I sent invoices. I meant to give the guy a shipping discount and instead of discounting, I accidentally double charged him for shipping.

I sent him 2 apologizing messages, but he has not replied yet :)

What a mess..

15 July 2009

Hello again

Hello, dear bloggy friends! I disappeared again. sorry. was busy.
We finally bought a house ('ve been looking since February), I finally left my tech.support job (yay!), and I have found me an online gallery to sell some of my paintings. Here (over 21 years old only) ...(oh,yeah!)

2 July 2009

Got inspired...

... by this blog here...

I fell in love with those cute girls and decided to make a few for myself :)