24 July 2009

Not drawing anything recently

You think i'm lazy? 'cause I'm not drawing anything recently?

Well.. you are right yes. Although I'm not drawing anything because... my creativity is trapped in one of these boxes we have all over our house....

I guess not only my creativity got trapped in a box :)


  1. Well get unpacked soon and show us some more of your creativity! Eh hem...guess I need to do the same!! =O


  2. awesome!

    when you come up for air
    you will find your self again!


  3. Yay for moving in! That's exciting. Looking forward to what the new house inspires. We'll be waiting when you unpack your creativity.

    (And Hi to CooCoo!)

  4. guys!!!
    thank you so much for dropping by and for your support! i promise to create something soon :)

    (voz, we haven't moved in yet. we are only packing to move... i started early, cause except for coocoo, nobody will help me.. LOL ..and i just hate packing.)


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