1 March 2014

My son's art

So I have abandoned this blog for a while now. I've been busy with my son and had a few other projects. Recently I've had more time and I'm feeling more inspired, maybe I will start painting again.

I have made this little mural on Santino's wall the other day, with the blessing from Bella Sinclair herself! She even sketched a croc for Santino, since he really wanted one.

I also was busy working on developing Santino's creative mind and artistic skills. And here's what he can do now.

23 November 2012

Some Christmas Angels...

We had a trial photoshoot at our home with Santino and his best girl-friend ever - Kate. They just love each other. I wanted to share a few photos.

19 April 2012

Hello! Again... :)

I'm back on blogger. Some nights are better then others, so I can play with photoshop. I found a few cool photoshop tutorials and tried to use them with my son's photos. Take a look...
And remember my fairies? Here they are again :)
I followed the photoshop effects tutorials found here

20 December 2011

Curious George mural

A new fun mural for my son! This one is in the "fun" room. Santino calls Curious George "coo coo". He loves this cartoon. (But not as much as he loves "The Cat in the Hat". This mural is almost finished and I'll post in here soon!) Meanwhile, heeeeere's George!

19 November 2011

Another poppy flower

I am enjoying my new style more and more. I can express so much with just a black and white picture apparently! Tell me what you guys think?

1 November 2011


How was your Halloween? Scary? We had fun but got very tired!
Here's a Halloween cat I drew a few weeks ago.

28 October 2011

A flower

Just one of the few flowers I drew recently. Like?

20 October 2011

Coo coo or kaka?

Santino insists on calling Coocoo - Kaka. :))
His favorite game now is to find Coocoo, and poke her in the nose, but mostly in the eye, laughing out loud!

19 October 2011

We have baptized Santino

It was a beautiful ceremony, Santino looked so handsome, like a little prince! It was the right time.

10 October 2011

Thanksgiving pumpkins

To all my friends and family, who supported us throughout this past exciting and challenging year, Thank You!

9 May 2011

Happy Mother's Day

To all my blogger friend mommies! I hope you all had a great Mother's Day! I really hope you didn't have to do much, rather took this opportunity to relax and had fun with your families and took care of yourselves.

We had such a wonderful day here in Newmarket, ON. I just enjoyed my day, spending some time outside with my son and my husband. I didn't have to cook much and that is a big deal for me!


20 April 2011

What's in my diaper bag?

A couple of years ago I played a blogger game "what's in your purse?". My life has changed so much since then, that I don't even carry a purse any more. I have a diaper bag. Yo!

Now, what's in my diaper bag today? I just flipped it and tossed everything what was in it on the floor.

1. A few diapers, size 4, and a few sample tubes of diaper rash creams. I received so many different samples, that never needed to buy any! WOW! I finally got me a deal!

2. A plastic cap from Santino's sippy cup. He doesn't like it any more, and I put the sippy cup away and couldn't find the cap. Now I know where it was hiding.

3. Garage opener. Yes, I carry it in the diaper bag!

4. Some cash in an envelope and loose change.

5. Baby's self feeder. I put slices of apple in the mesh this morning, but he doesn't suck the mesh anymore, he flips it and sucks on the plastic handle. Or just carries it like an Olympic flame torch.

6. Santino's toys.

7. Santino's Kenneth Cole jacket. I put it on him before we went to the Newmarket Goober Gang play date, and couldn't put it on him on the way back for some reason.

8. Santino's orange plastic circle. He likes to wave it around sometimes.

9. Burt's Bees lip balm.

10. Estee Lauder Tender Blush. "Peach Nuance". No 421

11. L'Oreal lipstick. "Milla's Plum". No 748. Revlon Colorstay Liquid Eye Pen. "01 Blackest Black".

12. Santino's new drinking cup. I filled it up with water and spilled it all over my diaper bag today.

13. Cards holder. I keep all my different reward cards, bank card, and a bunch of other small stuff in there.

14. Ear phones.

15. Pack of Kleenex.

16. Purple dragonfly broach.

17. Santino's shots checklist.

18. "Metro" receipts.

19. Sample pack of baby wipes.

20. Clinique lipstick palette: "Pure Posh", "Coral Crush", "Honey Nude", "Sassy Spice".

21. A pencil and a pen.

22. My business cards and my sister-in-law business cards (Made with love cupcakes).

23. Natural bristle brush for Santino. Softest bristle. I bought it before Santino was born so I didn't realize that he doesn't have much hair to brush!

24. Santino's teething ring.

25. Two changes of clothes for Santino. I normally carry just one, but today I had two, for some reason.

26. A few plastic bags for possible diaper disposal, if I find myself in a place where I can't throw a diaper out. Also handy, in case I need to put his dirty clothes somewhere.

27. My self-made baby wipes. Cut one roll of Bounty paper in half, take carton insert out, put in a Ziplock plastic box. Add a cup of warm water, a few spoons of baby wash and a few spoons of baby lotion. These are the best wipes!

28. My combs.

29. Baby changing liner.

30. "Canadiens" hat!

18 April 2011

New wall pic

Hello blogger friends! Last week we came back from Florida. I had such a great time! We returned well rested and energized. So I found a couple of hours and drew a picture on the wall in my studio. Just decorating my work area :)


9 March 2011

Baby is 6 months old!

Time flies. Santino is growing very fast. He is already able to sit up by himself and yesterday we started him on solids!

I am still very busy and have no time to sit down and draw and "Illustration Friday" picture, like I used to. My mind is so preoccupied, that even when I do have time, all I wanna do is fall asleep or do nothing and just sit on the couch. In a few weeks we are going on a little vacation, so I am hoping I will have my rest, relax and be back to my old self.

A few days ago we made a few cute photos of him. My top banner is one of those photos. Courtesy of TNy Photograhy

22 February 2011

Well, hello hello!

Hello dear blogger friends!
I have not been blogging much recently as now I am very busy. Back in September I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. We named him Santino, a "little saint".

Santino has been growing very rapidly, demanding all my attention and time, therefore I haven't been able to draw much. That's pretty much why I haven't been posting anything for all this time. I even haven't changed my top banner!

Anyways, I will try to write more often. Here are a few sketches of my baby sleeping.

3 September 2010

Mural. Finished!!!

well, almost finished. I still need to finish up the black lines and fix up the Sun. I can't do it right now, as for the past few months my feet were really swollen, and especially the last month! It is really hard for me to stand for a long period time. I hope after I give birth and got some rest, I could little by little finish it up.

The day is coming any minute now!

Anyways, here it is! The wall doesn't fit in the camera, so I made 3 photos of smaller parts. Click on the headline of the post to see the rest of the images "under cut"