26 October 2009

Are you ready? We are..

My husband carved a pumpkin, and it is all ready for the Saturday. We live in a neighborhood with 2 schools and countless children, so we are expecting lots and lots of visitors.

A few years ago I participated in my husband's family home Halloween party. Everybody was dressed up, lots of kids stopped by. I was dressed up as a she-devil, and one child started crying when I tried to talk to her :)
I didn't think I was that scary!

10 October 2009


A few days ago we finally installed our frosted windows stickers. My husband came up with the idea, like a real art director, I designed it in Illustrator, like a freelancer, and his brother installed it like a production manager :)

It's a family art team

Looks really nice from outside too!

8 October 2009

Our wedding anniversary

2 days ago was our wedding anniversary.
What a beautiful day it was!

5 October 2009

So another blog I have set up

Check out Candy:

(Yeah, yeah, I know. I just can't stay away from my little faeries :) )