10 October 2009


A few days ago we finally installed our frosted windows stickers. My husband came up with the idea, like a real art director, I designed it in Illustrator, like a freelancer, and his brother installed it like a production manager :)

It's a family art team

Looks really nice from outside too!


  1. Holy cow! That's awesome!! I need your family's skills in my home!

  2. Lordy, that's gorgeous. I love it. Did you sneak a fairy in there anywhere?

  3. Holy frickin' COW! That is incredible and stunning! Wish you could come over and do MY windows. Are there any faeries hiding in there? C'mon, there have to be faeries. :)

  4. well... no. i didn't sneak in a fairy. now that you and voz both mentioned it, i feel like i should've...


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