8 October 2009

Our wedding anniversary

2 days ago was our wedding anniversary.
What a beautiful day it was!


  1. Awww. How sweet! Congratulations! You look so happy in that picture.

  2. You two are pretty darned awesome! Congratulations! Hope things are well. Update?

  3. Anechka, is that you babes?

    We are totally fine! We have moved to another house, now all busy fixing it up. Come over some day! We have a nice guest room!

    no other updates, no :((((

  4. Happy Anniversary! Whoops, I'm a little late. But October isn't over yet, so it still counts. What a beautiful wedding! You look so gorgeous. And CLOUDS! You are dancing on CLOUDS! Romantic, aahhhhhh.

  5. Guys, Peter, Voz, Bella! thank you so much for your wishes, and for stopping by! Yay!

    yes, we had clouds...
    and i was speechless. i mean it. i was sick and had no voice HA HA HA HA HA

    when we made a speech i had to whisper a few words in my husband's ear and he said it to the microphone.

    i also couldn't eat, because i had running fever, so all i could do was drink. first, some tea, then grappa. LOL


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