29 June 2010


Just a summery pic, for no reason.

24 June 2010

Hamsters, cats and woman's happiness

This is a rough translation of this short story header. Unfortunately, it is in Russian, and even if I translated it into English, most of humor will be lost. But trust me, guys, it is very very funny. This short story saved my day, after Italy's elimination from the World Cup, in group stages. sigh...

The story is about a hamster, who lived in the closet, and a cat, who thought this hamster was destined  to be come his (cat's) dinner. Cat tried to get inside the closet, and the hamster thought, that such life is no good, moved in an old shoe. Cat found the hamster eventually, but it took his owners a few minutes and a newspaper to explain to him that hamster is a friend, not food.

(see? the style of the story won't translate properly, sorry)

Anyways, here they are:

And Bella!!! I have not done anything in regards to the mural yet. But I am still planning to. With Italy out of the World Cup it seems to me, that I will watch much less TV now and will finally start doing what I wanted to do.

16 June 2010

My neighbor

Hello everybody!

I feel a need to apologize to my blogger friends for disappearing for such a long time. Thank you for not forgetting me (I hope you didn't forget me :))

No updates really. Was working (part-time from home.. yay!), and when I finished work I didn't feel like hanging around my computer, and wanted to spend some time outside the house, on the front porch. I love watching our neighbors' kids playing. I also love watching my husband play soccer and bocci with them.

Anyways, yesterday I finally (hurray!) felt a need to draw again. I was worrying, that this need disappeared forever, as I didn't feel like it for a while. I sketched a neighbor girl, who was kind enough to sit in front of me without running away for like.. 15 minutes! I saw she wasn't enjoying it though. So I sketched her, and today I wanted to try and color the sketch in photoshop. Here it is...