16 June 2010

My neighbor

Hello everybody!

I feel a need to apologize to my blogger friends for disappearing for such a long time. Thank you for not forgetting me (I hope you didn't forget me :))

No updates really. Was working (part-time from home.. yay!), and when I finished work I didn't feel like hanging around my computer, and wanted to spend some time outside the house, on the front porch. I love watching our neighbors' kids playing. I also love watching my husband play soccer and bocci with them.

Anyways, yesterday I finally (hurray!) felt a need to draw again. I was worrying, that this need disappeared forever, as I didn't feel like it for a while. I sketched a neighbor girl, who was kind enough to sit in front of me without running away for like.. 15 minutes! I saw she wasn't enjoying it though. So I sketched her, and today I wanted to try and color the sketch in photoshop. Here it is...

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  1. DUUUUUUUUUUUUUSSIIIIIIIIIIIIIK! Hello, hello, hello, hello! Oh, it's so wonderful to see you again. I'm glad to hear things are going well for you. :D

    Awww, your neighbor is adorable! I love that little mouth of hers. And I also love the hollow of the chair she is sitting in. How wonderful of her to sit for you, even if she did not enjoy it. Hahahahaha!

    Thanks for your visit. Aaah, that Forget Me Not picture was for a loving blog friend named Renee who passed away a few months ago from breast cancer. There were so many lives she touched from around the world. It was a great loss and sorrow. She is missed.

    Anyway, hope you are feeling well, and YAY you are creating again! Please do let us know how that mural is coming along, okay?



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