22 August 2009

... once a year

Accepting best wishes for my today's birthday here! ;)


let the people run
on the wet streets
they won't understand
why is that i am so happy
in such a bad weather

i'm playing my accordion
for everybody to see
birthdays only come once a year

a wizard will come
in a blue helicopter
and will show me a movie
free of charge,
he will wish me happy birthday
and will leave
500 packs of ice cream
for me

i'm playing my accordion
for everybody to see
birthdays only come once a year

And here is me and the flower cake! My parents sent it to me. It got delivered, and we all hoped that it is actually chocolate underneath, but there is nothing under the flowers, just that stuff, they stick the flowers into.

And there is no other cake :)
I guess I am bound to lose weight!

13 August 2009

One more update

I also have met several awesome writers. And I even got a few of them to start blogging.

Please, meet:

Angelique La Mone


Amelie Court


So, I have started working. Hurray!
I started working part time for a publishing company. Promoting, designing, stuff...
I may even do some illustrations. You know...

Anyways. Have been working on a website for them. It is not finished, but I'll show you fellow artists the work in progress. You guys, of all people, can understand what "work in progress" means. :)

2 August 2009

Thank you Voz :)

I will make something too. something.. i'll think of something...

1 August 2009


Bought ink and tried a few ink paintings.



A question to all real artists i know: am I crazy? I mean, crazy because I cut my brushes? Some of them, after a certain type of paint I use, the bristles start sticking out everywhere and won't combine in a pointy one piece any more.

I understand. Those are probably bad brushes. Or it is just because I don't know how to take care of them. How do I take care of them? :) Whats your secret?