30 April 2009

Redbud fairies

I promised Amy to look for some fairies in the redbud tree flowers. Here I found 2 :^)
Ces, I told you the boy was ok !! :^))

Don't ask me why I put them so far up there on the picture. I don't know. I just screwed up I guess

Another pastel girl

I have not attempted to go for more details yet. I will... I will...

27 April 2009

Is this guy sexy?

Hey Bella!! I found one just for you :)

Mint fairy

We have some pepper mint and oregano and some other herbs starting to grow. We didn't plant them this year, they just kinda recovered from last year and started showing up a few days ago.

This fairy ... first i thought she was trying to pull the plant out of the soil. But then i realized, she just tries to make it grow faster :)

26 April 2009

Rose fairy

I noticed CooCoo staring at our rose for a while. I wasn't sure what she was looking at, so I took a quick picture, and OMG! there was a fairy there!!! Look!

25 April 2009

Fairy of the blooming flowers

,We have not planted any flowers yet in our backyard, but some of them started coming out by themselves. Maybe a little fairy helped them out?

Sleeping fairy

I have made a few more fairies. This one is sleeping .. shhshshsh....

23 April 2009

Flowers and a fairy

So I had this useless crayon drawing and didn't know what to do with it. So I decided to let a fairy in, maybe her magic can save the day? :)

19 April 2009

15 April 2009

CooCoo and a blue ball

she has this ball, a toy, that she likes to play "hide-and-seek" with. her ball became my inspiration for the third part of my bright pastel series

14 April 2009

More color

I couldn't sleep and decided to make another bright pastel painting (I like calling my creations "paintings"). Here is some color, watch out!

12 April 2009

Got wine! Come on in

So I have had my pastels for a while now, but have not been doing much with them. I have tried a few times, but was not really happy with the outcome. They act a bit weird (to me), but I guess I gotta keep practicing to feel 100% comfortable. I feel like we are a match, but just have not found our comfortable position yet :)

Here is an example

My portfolio website

Alrighty... I have not totally finished it yet, but I needed to show it to somebody! That's just me, I need to see my creations through other people's eyes.

Anyways, come visit me at: www.nataliya.ca

Bring some wine and cookies, I have not finished decorating and setting up the furniture yet, so I have no time for cooking :)

Welcome to my new ... well, not quite home... Studio! Let it be studio!

P.S. I don't have IE6 anymore, so I am not sure what this site is going to look like there. But in FireFox, Safari and IE8 it looks just fine. Let me know if you find bugs!

11 April 2009

OMG!!! I got an award!!!

Bella-who-is-the-best-blogger-ever passed on this amazing award to me among 10 other great bloggers!

Well, first of all I immediately went and added Peter Breese to the blogs I follow, as well as a bunch of other artists who I don't want to lose.

Now, my challenge is that I don't have enough blogger friends who I can share my fortune with :(

But I will try. I really love looking at the following blogs and get inspired by:

Jim Rowland

Adrienne Trafford
Pascal Campion
Pierre De Lune
and Why
(and i know I added Ces but she disappeared. I will add her again :0)


I will let them know in the comments and hope they accept this award. Their blogs really inspire me!

Please visit their blogs and take in the wonderment!

To the recipients: please select six new inspirational folks, give them a shiny new Breese Award –clean off any Champaign or similar celebratory stains – and keep the awesomeness moving along!

10 April 2009

Welcome back

A few weeks ago I made this illo and never posted here. Then I never got around to it being busy with some personal stuff. And now I am still a bit busy (making my portfolio website), but I decided to post this illo and wave myself "welcome back" :)