26 April 2009

Rose fairy

I noticed CooCoo staring at our rose for a while. I wasn't sure what she was looking at, so I took a quick picture, and OMG! there was a fairy there!!! Look!


  1. OMG! I have never seen a fairy before. Don't you think she is cold with that skimpy outfit? :) This is so cute Dusik. How did you do this?

  2. lol Ces! all i did - just took a picture, and there she was!!! :D

    well, we have been having really warm days, like i even got a sun burn yesterday... i think she will be just fine

  3. DUSIK! That's FANTASTIC! Hahahaha! Very lovely, how her magic dust swirls around and around like that. I always suspected cats could see things we couldn't.

    Say, got any sexy male fairies flying around?

  4. haha! sexy males? i dunno! i haven't seen them yet! i will let you know as soon as i find one! :)


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