12 April 2009

My portfolio website

Alrighty... I have not totally finished it yet, but I needed to show it to somebody! That's just me, I need to see my creations through other people's eyes.

Anyways, come visit me at: www.nataliya.ca

Bring some wine and cookies, I have not finished decorating and setting up the furniture yet, so I have no time for cooking :)

Welcome to my new ... well, not quite home... Studio! Let it be studio!

P.S. I don't have IE6 anymore, so I am not sure what this site is going to look like there. But in FireFox, Safari and IE8 it looks just fine. Let me know if you find bugs!


  1. Oh, that was cool! I like your animated silhouette, and it was very easy to navigate. No bugs here, though I did bring some chocolate covered ants and a nice bourdeaux.

    You have a beautiful name! Does Dusik or Duseg mean anything?

  2. I just checked it out, its really fun I like your little waving figure it makes it kind of personal and still really fun, also like the one sat at the table.
    Nice job - congrats!

  3. Amy and Bella, thank you guys so much guys! Bella, i loved the chocolate covered ants :)... bring those again any time :)

    Dusik - is my nickname for my friends. my friends call me that. Duseg - it is just another spelling, more "fun" one... like "luv" instead of "love".. or something like that :)


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