16 June 2009

Mint fairy

Remember the other one, pulling poor plants, "trying to make them grow faster"? LOL

Now, looky how big they are now! Huge! We've been having mint and oregano every day in salads and with onion and peas, and I even add a few leaves of mint into a jug of water, to give it some flavor. Much healthier than... oh well.


  1. wow your plants look incredible and I love your little recipes, did your pretty little fairy friend give you some tips.
    BTW Mobile uploads - I have no idea how to do that!

  2. thanx!!! i am a bit shy about those recipes :)
    i am no cook and definitely no food photographer :). i was looking for a few recipes to send to my friend, but couldn't find them online, so i was kinda stuck with creating my own!

  3. i have a "stupid" question. what is the correct spelling: fairies or faeries? i am not sure any more

  4. Yay! Mint! And YAY for fairies, faeries, and ferrys too! (She must be so proud of herself.)

    BTW, that was me posting from someone else's account. Oooops.


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