26 September 2009

Tried myself in oil...

i mean, i tried oil paint. i really really wanted to try. i realize i gotta learn and be more patient, but this was my first. so here it is.

Renoir had this as "two sisters", my girls grew up a little, and turned into "mother and daughter". (hmmmm.. Freudian slip on my behalf? :) )

24 September 2009


I feel like creating something again. For now, this little thing

13 September 2009

We finally moved and more or less settled...

Hi everybody!

My little update: we finally have moved to a little house in a quiet children-friendly neighborhood. The move went rather well, very stressful, with a few furniture damages, and sweat and tears.

People who lived here left the house in a rather poor shape, they didn't care much about it. So now we are finding little and big things here and there that need to get fixed. And our plan to save a little bit of money here and there to fix the house little by little might receive a few interruptions due to unexpected expenses, like a thermostat or a suddenly leaking kitchen sink.

Oh, the beauties of the move!

I wanted to make a drawing of the house, but really had no time. I am planning on making one soon. Here is a little photo for now.

Cheers everybody!