15 June 2009

Something positive. For no reason.

I realize I have been slacking recently. Not posting much. Not commenting much.
To be honest, I have been busy taking pictures and studying the environment around me. I am amazed how much beauty is around me! If I didn't start looking, I would have just walked by, as if it doesn't matter. But it does. It does matter. I want to notice every little detail. And make my life full of color, beauty and positive experiences.

Here are a few posts with photos from my LJ blog. There is no need for words really. Pictures are worth hundreds of words. Take a look:

Some everyday patterns

Riverdale Art Walk (1)

Riverdale Art Walk (2)


I promise to come back with some illos soon!

Have a great day!


  1. I especially love the goldfish in the bag. Nice stuff! And what a variety, too. Thanks for posting those.

  2. thanx voz! i agree, there are so many great artists, and there is really no limit to beauty and creativity

  3. wow you have been busy and you have been doing some wonderful things too!
    Totally loved the everyday patterns and how they made my eyes go funny as I scrolled down - beautiful piccys.

  4. don't you think its amazing, Amy, that there are so many interesting things around us, waiting to be noticed! even this repeating urban patterns have their magic.


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