20 April 2011

What's in my diaper bag?

A couple of years ago I played a blogger game "what's in your purse?". My life has changed so much since then, that I don't even carry a purse any more. I have a diaper bag. Yo!

Now, what's in my diaper bag today? I just flipped it and tossed everything what was in it on the floor.

1. A few diapers, size 4, and a few sample tubes of diaper rash creams. I received so many different samples, that never needed to buy any! WOW! I finally got me a deal!

2. A plastic cap from Santino's sippy cup. He doesn't like it any more, and I put the sippy cup away and couldn't find the cap. Now I know where it was hiding.

3. Garage opener. Yes, I carry it in the diaper bag!

4. Some cash in an envelope and loose change.

5. Baby's self feeder. I put slices of apple in the mesh this morning, but he doesn't suck the mesh anymore, he flips it and sucks on the plastic handle. Or just carries it like an Olympic flame torch.

6. Santino's toys.

7. Santino's Kenneth Cole jacket. I put it on him before we went to the Newmarket Goober Gang play date, and couldn't put it on him on the way back for some reason.

8. Santino's orange plastic circle. He likes to wave it around sometimes.

9. Burt's Bees lip balm.

10. Estee Lauder Tender Blush. "Peach Nuance". No 421

11. L'Oreal lipstick. "Milla's Plum". No 748. Revlon Colorstay Liquid Eye Pen. "01 Blackest Black".

12. Santino's new drinking cup. I filled it up with water and spilled it all over my diaper bag today.

13. Cards holder. I keep all my different reward cards, bank card, and a bunch of other small stuff in there.

14. Ear phones.

15. Pack of Kleenex.

16. Purple dragonfly broach.

17. Santino's shots checklist.

18. "Metro" receipts.

19. Sample pack of baby wipes.

20. Clinique lipstick palette: "Pure Posh", "Coral Crush", "Honey Nude", "Sassy Spice".

21. A pencil and a pen.

22. My business cards and my sister-in-law business cards (Made with love cupcakes).

23. Natural bristle brush for Santino. Softest bristle. I bought it before Santino was born so I didn't realize that he doesn't have much hair to brush!

24. Santino's teething ring.

25. Two changes of clothes for Santino. I normally carry just one, but today I had two, for some reason.

26. A few plastic bags for possible diaper disposal, if I find myself in a place where I can't throw a diaper out. Also handy, in case I need to put his dirty clothes somewhere.

27. My self-made baby wipes. Cut one roll of Bounty paper in half, take carton insert out, put in a Ziplock plastic box. Add a cup of warm water, a few spoons of baby wash and a few spoons of baby lotion. These are the best wipes!

28. My combs.

29. Baby changing liner.

30. "Canadiens" hat!

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