17 March 2009

Romeo and Juliet. Part III

There were only few other then main characters. One of them was this Harlequin. His part was very brisk and he projected lots of positive energy. I am not sure which character he was supposed to be from the original play. But then again, I don't remember the play very well, its been a while since I read it last time.


  1. Oh! I LOVE this one! Wonderful colors and patterns, so full of energy. He IS bright and festive, isn't he! Sounds like you had a fabulous time at the ballet. Truly inspirational!

  2. yes, i just love outings like that. i prefer opera but ballet makes me happy too. my mom used to take me to the ballet and explain why is it nice and what are the important features and skills to look at and how to enjoy the music

    really helped me a lot

  3. Dusik, this is a fine and fun series. I love the all three of them so far. I saw Romeo and Juliet played bu Olivia Hussey and I cried. I always loved that play but reading it in high school the way Shakespeare wrote it was rather boring but in the end, I wanted to identify with Juliet but daydreamed that I did not die and pretty soon was daydreaming about being a great swordswoman! I would fail as an actress, I would not follow the script. Can't wait for your next installment. Oh how are you going to illustrate the parents and the nursemaid and the friar?

  4. Wow, Ces, Olivia Hussey is a beautiful woman. I saw her photos as Juliet, wasn't she pretty?...

    thanx for your encouragement! (proceeding with the parents now LOL)


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