11 March 2009

Patterns and backgrounds

Just another background I wanted to use right away.


  1. Oh, what fun! I like the funky trees, and when I saw your little girl with her stuffed doll -- what is that, a gorilla? -- I had to clap my hands and laugh. Very cool design! I just got home from shopping at a paper store, and this looks like some of the great decorative papers they had there. :)

  2. I love the contrast between the girl and the background. This looks like a lot of fun. Did you create the background? I have no clue how you make this. Will you please "splain" your process sometimes?

  3. No Bella, that was supposed to be a beheaded stuffed bear :) ... don't be scared, as she is not scared, just sad a little :)

    Ces, you are right, this is in Photoshop, and yes I made the background myself. This particular one I made with some custom made brushes. You do it like this: you create a shape, a flower, a squiggly thing, doesn't matter what, then go Edit =>Define Brush Set and now your shape is a brush. You can call it any time by pressing "B" on your keyboard, and change the size or color... just stamp the brush all over, changing the blending to whatever you like, and voila - you have some weird custom made background :)

  4. A headless bear??? Hahaha! Thanks for the 'splainin'. I should try that sometime.

    I saw your oil pastels, and they're wonderful! They look like they go on very smoothly, and the colors are great! I can't even tell you had the wrong paper with them. Yay!!


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