17 March 2009

Romeo and Juliet

Last Saturday we went to the ballet to see Romeo and Juliet. Finally I had an opportunity to visit the new Toronto Opera House, and wow! was it worth it!

I had a great time and enjoyed the music and the costumes and the dancers.

We were not allowed to take photos during the performance, so during one of the intermissions I made a few sketches and later on decided to make a few illustrations. I have made 3 so far. Here is the first one:


  1. Bravo! It is a wonderful production, isn't it? How can they be so graceful. It's almost inhuman! Watching ballet always makes me feel like such an uncoordinated clod. Very cute illo, though. I love Juliet's expression!

  2. you know, I have the same feeling. They look like elves and fairies from a fairy tale. this girl who played Juliet, she was awesome, very light, very stretched and it all seemed like a normal thing to dance on the toes. she played a real young Juliet, with dark hair (lol, all the promotional posters around the city feature a blond girl :) )

  3. I love this picture. I've always had a soft spot for Romeo & Juliet and you've contsructed a worthy composition here. Permission to save it to my pictures folder for future enjoyment?

  4. OMG, Jim! anytime! save them all :)
    thank you


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