12 March 2009

Patterns and backgrounds. Part II

Here is another pattern. Flowery


  1. Wow - this is rather cool! It's like a dream sequence (though I've cruelly been denied the famous flying dream!) I imagine it must be something like this.

  2. I hope that girl can fly or at least land on a bed of flowers and butterflies! Heheh.

  3. Jim, you are right, it is like a dream... when i was little i used to fly a lot, only half of my flying dreams i was falling down and was scared :)

    LOL, Ces, I think she is not concerned about falling at this time :)... she is in a fairy tale, she is safe

  4. Ooh! Yes, definitely a magical dream scene. Looks like Japanese paper to me. Gorgeous! Forgive me, but I want to fold it up into the shape of a swan or something.

    I never had that flying dream either, but I've always wanted to. Thankfully, I've never had the naked dream either.

  5. hmmm... fold it up?? wow, what a great idea!

    /in addition to my flying dreams i had lots of naked dreams too, you know ;)... doctor, will i survive? %P /


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