5 March 2009

Klimt remix

I have a coffee table book with Klimt paintings. I love Klimt. I just adore his style, it is so full of character, so vibrant, so special, and so inspirational! I learned about his art when I studied in Vienna, ... ages ago...

I use my crayons and a sketch book. (I had a wild thought crossing my mind to add some paint, i.e. watercolor, but this paper is no good for paint. So crayons it is...)

This one is "remixed". I changed the flowers a bit, but the rest is pretty much how Klimt envisioned. Only in crayons. And on a way smaller scale .... And not nearly as vibrant... LOL... I still just love how it came out

I don't have a black crayon, so here is my version of Judith. And i decided not to draw the cut off head in her hand... let it be just a nice sketch, with no meaning.


  1. I like Klimt, too. Nice drawings!

  2. Hi Ann Marie, thanks for stopping by! and thank you for your appreciation. I value your opinion and it energizes me for more art

  3. Beautiful! You have such a soft, sensuous way with women's faces. And in crayon, no less!

  4. (lol, my favorite crayons, yes! it is just for now, until i am more comfortable spending money on art supplies)

    you are right, Bella, i feel how to draw women faces, they come naturally to me. i think women shapes are so beautiful and natural, and that is why it is so easy to draw them


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