26 October 2009

Are you ready? We are..

My husband carved a pumpkin, and it is all ready for the Saturday. We live in a neighborhood with 2 schools and countless children, so we are expecting lots and lots of visitors.

A few years ago I participated in my husband's family home Halloween party. Everybody was dressed up, lots of kids stopped by. I was dressed up as a she-devil, and one child started crying when I tried to talk to her :)
I didn't think I was that scary!


  1. Yay! Great pumpkin!

    Have fun scaring those innocent children. haha.

  2. Hahaha, you made a kid cry! Awwwww. Fantastic pumpkin. Gotta love the eyebrows. Not many pumpkins have eyebrows.

    Two schools? You will be inundated! One year, I ran out of candy, so I had to steal my own kids' candy. Later, a neighbor friend came to me and said that her kid got a candy with a card attached that said, 'Happy Valentine's Day, Nona." I was mortified! HA

  3. hahaha... oh my.. i can imagine, that if we run out of candy, we would have to lock up and go trick-or-treating ourselves, cause we don't have own kids, and we have nobody to steal from


  4. Did you have enough candy? Did you make any little kids cry?


  5. Hey Bella!

    you know, i was thinking about that. it just happened so, that i scared a kid....

    it was so funny. i didn't wear any costume, i just put a scary makup on, and we had dark hallway and i had a lamp that i would turn on and open the door. so this one kid, smiling, said "wow! that part scared me!".. and me and his mom, we were like "what part?"

    and he said: "the part when you came out!"

    HA HA HA.. that was so cute.

    yeah, we had enough candy. there were not too many kids. apparently our side of the street has no sidewalk, so we usually get less kids :)

    what about you? stealing any candy from your kids? :)))

  6. Hahaha! Awwww, that's so funny!

    Ever since that traumatic year, I make sure to OVERBUY candy. Still, I'm stealing from their loot. Mmmmmm...chocolate....

    I've given you an award or two or three. :)

  7. Thinking of you and wondering how your art is coming along. :)


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