26 February 2009

IF: "instinct"

I knew that this word for me had to be associated with something sexual... I had a few ideas which I really wanted to execute here, but got caught up in another project and never did.

Here is one of the ideas: I wanted to just show a horny guy and a sexy girl. But the girl ended up looking like a street girl and all I had to do is to put some dark city on the background to complete the picture.

The guy is still horny :))

UPD: a t-shirt!

$ make love tee by Dusik. Available from MySoti.com.


  1. Oooh, is that a Rapidograph pen in your pocket, or.... She's not even giving him the time of day! Great one, Dusik!

  2. LOL LOL, Bella!! thanx for laughing with me at this illo :))

    (it fits the "instinct" theme, right?)

  3. This is excellent. What makes this great for me is that the guy is so much shorter than the woman, so going by the "survival of the fittest" as a guide, the situation makes it harder for the chap to assert his intinct! It's instinct surpressed.

  4. Thank you Jim! i appreciate you noticing the size difference :)... actually in the very beginning of making this illustration I made the guy even smaller.. but then I thought that not many people will understand why :).

    (this illo still makes me laugh!!! LOL)

  5. (LOL :D)

    well, half her size apprx. :D

  6. Dusika Hello, I really like this illustration, I wanted to know if you paint with oil colors.

  7. Hello Gianlucio! bon giorno... or is it bone notte :)

    thanx for stopping by! no, unfortunately i have no idea how to paint with oil. i would love to learn some day though

    (i really liked you blog!)

  8. Dusika Hello, I would be happy if you subscribe to my blog art painting so I can more easily follow your work.
    Good Sunday.

  9. Hi Gianlucio! I actually have subscribed to your blog :D
    i think your art is really nice
    and i just love oil paitnings


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