8 February 2009

Thank You Bella

I wanted to make a little "Thank You" card for Bella who's been nice and kind and supportive and consistent with her positive and cheerful attitude. She makes my day run faster :) (this is a good thing as I work in techsupport :)) )

Thank you Bella!


  1. *Gasp!* Oh, Dusik! My heart has melted. You are so, so, sooooo very sweet. I am touched and humbled and deeply flattered. I do enjoy visiting you and being inspired by your wonderful illustrations and sharp wit. Thank you, thank you. May I take this and put in on my sidebar?

    By the way, you are up pretty darn late! Sweet dreams. :)

  2. oh! hi! :)

    please do take it. it is for you.

    sweet dreams to you too! i mean, have a good day!
    (you are right i gotta go to sleep. big sunday lunch tomorrow, eh? LOL )


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