6 February 2009

Some art from my past

Here is a picture of the most beautiful woman I remember seeing in a real life. I saw her on a bus once and was stunned by her noble features and how she projected this "nobleness"... I stared at her like you probably would stare at a work of art. Then I came home and tried drawing her. I think I was able to make my drawing come a little close to the real girl appearance... Not perfectly though.

And then I showed the sketch to my then boyfriend-now husband and he suggested scanning and coloring her. Here is what we came up with. I did my version in Illustrator, he did his in Photoshop and brought it later in a frame... I have to admit, his is way more presentable, but the charm of the girl is more visible on mine.

Here is my version:

and here is my hubby's version:

UPD: it is rather embarrassing when I go back to read my own post and find numerous spelling mistakes! Sorry guys :)

UPD2: Thank you everybody who commented! Really helps me see my own work through other people's eyes.


  1. Intriguing, especially as you had almost the same starting point! Both of these are really atmospheric in different ways.

  2. Oooooooh! I can see why you were so enamored by her! She does have striking features. I think both are fantastic interpretations. It's amazing how the same sketch can take on completely different feels.

    Your version has an earthy, yet exotic feel to it. Her inner beauty really radiates. And I admire the softness of her earring, as if you're saying it's an unimportant asset to her beauty. Your husband's is reminiscent of Kilmt and is exciting, like a big city. It's interesting that he put makeup on her and you didn't. :)

    Must have been a fun exercise for you two to share!


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