11 February 2009

Avatars for "elladkin"

My friend LJ user "elladkin" lives in Italy and likes to cook and then to photograph the outcome. She also likes to travel and also to photograph whatever she sees. She is my old friend and when she asked me to make avatars for her LJ blog I did not refuse. It took me a while to come up with a concept, but I did it!

Here they are:


  1. Wow, these are all so fantastic!!! I love them and their cute little motions! You are so clever. It's hard to say which one's my favorite, but the one of her laughing is really infectious! Your friend must be so excited. :D

  2. These are so much fun. I think the angry one with the pan is my favorite. What program do you make such things in?

  3. thanks Bella! (I am clever? yahoooo :)) )
    i have to admit, the one flying on the blue background was inspired by your avatar :)

    thanx Azulita for your comment too. I draw them in Illustrator and then animate them in Photoshop (what is used to be Image Ready)

  4. Really???? Hahahahahahahahahaha!!!! I love it!

  5. this is tooo cool...
    glad I popped in for a visit
    love your blog... and your creations..
    mona & the gaffer girls.
    ps have a great week

  6. hey gaffegirls! thanx for stopping by and i appreciate your interest :)

    i'll be in touch!


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