30 March 2009

March 31 - BooBoo Day

I didn't know what "booboo" was supposed to mean, but the maintainers of the kalen_dar LJ community asked me to make an illo and told me that it is supposed to have something to do with a tambourine. I guess nobody understood that and hence, nobody made any illustrations for this day.

So here is my rush-rushh booboo day

29 March 2009


just another watercolor. Got the flowers today from husband's cousin and his wife.

The day for hugging the Sun

here is a small watercolors illo i made for this day.

26 March 2009

Romeo and Juliet. Part IV. With music

This one is for Ces. Now, remember this was a ballet, not a real play, and that's what I am trying to depict.

25 March 2009

IF: "subtract"

She's thinking: "after all my shopping I am running dangerously low on my budget. What should I omit...subtract?"

I am high on the music

Just another tee on MySoti. And back to IF :)

I am high on the music tee by Dusik. Available from MySoti.com.

18 March 2009

Patterns and backgrounds. Catwalk

Playing with photoshop patterns and textures. I also wanted to make a stylish illustration. I just love fashion shows, make-up, shoes, dressing up.

17 March 2009

Romeo and Juliet. Part III

There were only few other then main characters. One of them was this Harlequin. His part was very brisk and he projected lots of positive energy. I am not sure which character he was supposed to be from the original play. But then again, I don't remember the play very well, its been a while since I read it last time.

Romeo and Juliet. Part II

I really liked Tybalt character. His little beard and longer hair bang were helping him appear aggressive and provocative.

Romeo and Juliet

Last Saturday we went to the ballet to see Romeo and Juliet. Finally I had an opportunity to visit the new Toronto Opera House, and wow! was it worth it!

I had a great time and enjoyed the music and the costumes and the dancers.

We were not allowed to take photos during the performance, so during one of the intermissions I made a few sketches and later on decided to make a few illustrations. I have made 3 so far. Here is the first one:

13 March 2009

Kalen_dar: "The day of prohibition of bad mood"

I didn't feel like spending much time thinking through the topic. I just wanted to make a funny illustration.

Patterns and backgrounds. Part III

I am not in a bad mood or anything like that. I am experimenting with textures and this wall kinda called for something more on an unhappy side.

10 March 2009

Patterns and backgrounds. Mermaid

I was playing with Photoshop, making various backgrounds, and came up with this water background. It just looked so great to me that I decided to make a mermaid illustration. For nothing, just ... a mermaid.

IF: "intricate"

I had no idea what "intricate" means, so I looked up the definitions on the internet. One of those was: "Tasting description of wine in which complex flavors and aromas are subtly interwoven."

So here is "intricate"

UPD: As Bella noticed, it is rather hard to see all the flavors that I put in the wine on this illo. Here is the wine glass enlarged, but I somehow still doubt that it is possible to distinguish them all, as in my attempt for subtlety I made them way too invisible.

The intricate tastes I included are: 3 types of wine, coffee, chocolate, citrus, nutmeg. Find them all!

7 March 2009


My sister in law is leaving for a long time. She has done a lot of nice things for me, has been very supportive and giving, and now I felt like giving back. I made a little portrait of her and put it in a frame. I will give it to her, so that she would have something nice to look at while she's travelling. I hope she will take that frame with her; she might consider it too much extra weight :(((

She looks younger here than she is now, but the portrait still looks like her.

5 March 2009

Klimt remix

I have a coffee table book with Klimt paintings. I love Klimt. I just adore his style, it is so full of character, so vibrant, so special, and so inspirational! I learned about his art when I studied in Vienna, ... ages ago...

I use my crayons and a sketch book. (I had a wild thought crossing my mind to add some paint, i.e. watercolor, but this paper is no good for paint. So crayons it is...)

This one is "remixed". I changed the flowers a bit, but the rest is pretty much how Klimt envisioned. Only in crayons. And on a way smaller scale .... And not nearly as vibrant... LOL... I still just love how it came out

I don't have a black crayon, so here is my version of Judith. And i decided not to draw the cut off head in her hand... let it be just a nice sketch, with no meaning.

Kalen_dar: "Return of a Blue Bird"

I think that a blue bird is supposed to mean something like "a magic bird", but I am not sure. Anyways, it is a special kind of bird from fairy tales.

I am sliding more and more into children's illustrations, so I tried this idea.

4 March 2009

IF: "breezy"

For some reason I associated "breezy" with Holly. I read recently an interesting article about Holly and where she came from and who and "what" she was. Holly gives me feeling of freshness... easiness.. breeziness...


1 March 2009

For istockphoto - DJ

i made this illo for istockphoto portfolio...

someone mentioned that it has no dynamics. how so? it makes me wanna dance :D