25 November 2009


I have updated my blog design. made it more "wintery" (if i may say so).
i only started decorating for Christmas today. anybody else is ready?

19 November 2009

Color: Purple

A friend of mine gave me a task to find some purple things around me and write about them. Here they are:

(In the magazines they usually add numbers to the corresponding photos, but I hope that my collage here would be easy to follow).

1. Klimt coffee book. My inspiration and my good mood. Somehow I am always in a good mood after I flip its pages. We don't have a coffee table really, so I keep it among other books in my art room (I don't call it my office any more), or sometimes on the floor of my art room. My desk is usually too full.

2. Oil paint. I don't care that there are only 12 of them, at this time 12 is enough for me. Check out my another attempt here (not original no... copy of course)

3. A book about pastel and how to paint with pastel.

4. A broach. Remember this IF illo? I used it there.

5. A gift from my Italian friend. She brought it for my wedding. It is a special Italian thing, made of candy. Very pretty.

6. A book about marketing by Seth Godin, "Purple Cow". Awesome book! The idea is explained at the beginning. Seth tells, how he was traveling by car with his family around Southern France, and how they were admiring picturesque views with fields and cows. But after a while they got sick and tired of those cows, as they all looked the same. So he had this idea, if at least one cow was for instance purple, he would definitely notice it. The rest of the book lists examples of how to promote small and average size businesses without spending a fortune on advertising.

7. A coffee set from Roberto's grandmother.

That's it! No more purple things in my house. None at all!

If you are interested in playing let me know. I will give you a color to find!

17 November 2009

Hello everybody! Long time no post..

... sorry. I some time post a few pictures on my livejournal blog, but that's in Russian, so no interest here.

Recently I've been drawing girls. Various faces and races.
I finally came to a decision, that I do need a proper drawing pad. Anybody uses any? Suggestions? I can't afford $400 ones, so I need something cheaper. But I need it. Suggestions are appreciated. Brand names, and pros and cons. Worst case scenario, I might look them up on craigslist or ebay?

Here are a few girls