26 February 2009

IF: "instinct"

I knew that this word for me had to be associated with something sexual... I had a few ideas which I really wanted to execute here, but got caught up in another project and never did.

Here is one of the ideas: I wanted to just show a horny guy and a sexy girl. But the girl ended up looking like a street girl and all I had to do is to put some dark city on the background to complete the picture.

The guy is still horny :))

UPD: a t-shirt!

$ make love tee by Dusik. Available from MySoti.com.

21 February 2009

Here is another one with crayons

i like the effect of "see through" they give... i understand that i cannot expect much from them. here is another sketch i did yesterday:

20 February 2009

Just a pencil sketch

something to do at work between calls

this sketch was done from this photo

which i found in Bella's blog. beautiful photos! like a fairy tale :)

19 February 2009

February 19 - day of mixing colors

i have not done anything for kalen_dar recently. but for some reason i really wanted to make an illo for this day.

yay! (on the paper it says "happy birthday mom"... i don't know how much fun mom is going to have washing his PJs :) after this present)

IF: celebrate

i decided to try just crayons and paper for a change. this is my celebration

17 February 2009

CooCoo Love Print

my hubby gave me beautiful flowers, and i made a t-shirt print for him. and a t-shirt of course...

well, we are both leos by zodiac, and of course this is craaaaaazyyyyyyyyy .. or coocoo :))

here is the tee

After Valentine's Day

I got flowers with crystals from my hubby. i drew one of the flowers with watercolors

and this is how the picture looks in a frame

Would fit nicely for IF theme "time"

too bad I made this too late. well, that's me, everybody. that's how my inspiration works. usually plays tricks on me, coming around too late

11 February 2009

Avatars for "elladkin"

My friend LJ user "elladkin" lives in Italy and likes to cook and then to photograph the outcome. She also likes to travel and also to photograph whatever she sees. She is my old friend and when she asked me to make avatars for her LJ blog I did not refuse. It took me a while to come up with a concept, but I did it!

Here they are:

10 February 2009

Happy Birthday Techsupport

Tomorrow is my colleague's birthday. I made a little online wish card, something fun for him to laugh at in the morning when the phone starts ringing off the hook. Actually, he saw this sketch I made a few days ago and really liked it, so I decided to incorporate it in a card.

8 February 2009

Thank You Bella

I wanted to make a little "Thank You" card for Bella who's been nice and kind and supportive and consistent with her positive and cheerful attitude. She makes my day run faster :) (this is a good thing as I work in techsupport :)) )

Thank you Bella!

6 February 2009

Some art from my past

Here is a picture of the most beautiful woman I remember seeing in a real life. I saw her on a bus once and was stunned by her noble features and how she projected this "nobleness"... I stared at her like you probably would stare at a work of art. Then I came home and tried drawing her. I think I was able to make my drawing come a little close to the real girl appearance... Not perfectly though.

And then I showed the sketch to my then boyfriend-now husband and he suggested scanning and coloring her. Here is what we came up with. I did my version in Illustrator, he did his in Photoshop and brought it later in a frame... I have to admit, his is way more presentable, but the charm of the girl is more visible on mine.

Here is my version:

and here is my hubby's version:

UPD: it is rather embarrassing when I go back to read my own post and find numerous spelling mistakes! Sorry guys :)

UPD2: Thank you everybody who commented! Really helps me see my own work through other people's eyes.

5 February 2009


I am most probably late for this week's submission. Being late is my flaw... My cartoon CooCoo is all the way perfect, but she really likes her food. So much, that it wouldn't even share it with herself!!

February 5th - The day of coloring of the plans for the future

4 February 2009

Portfolio sample

I thought I was very careful and checked everything with this illustration, but I still found 2 mistakes after I submitted it. Unfortunately I know it is going to be rejected, but that is only in 2 weeks, and then it will take another 2 weeks for them to review it again.. ughhhhh..

Here is a sample. They ask not to use transparencies in vector submissions. I didn't .

UPD: huraaaaay!!! I have just received a message from istockphoto support that they will remove that file for me and I will be able to resubmit it. "crossing my fingers"

Preparing portfolio

I really want to work with Illustrator as an illustrator. I really love this. I have been working on a portfolio. Actually these 2 illustrations are based on some photos my friends made, and therefore they are no good for istockphoto portfolio and alike. But i made them and I want to share them. Plus, I have not done anything else recently, portfolio has been on my mind...

Broccoli soup (yumm, I love that one)

and fresh picked mushrooms