4 February 2009

Portfolio sample

I thought I was very careful and checked everything with this illustration, but I still found 2 mistakes after I submitted it. Unfortunately I know it is going to be rejected, but that is only in 2 weeks, and then it will take another 2 weeks for them to review it again.. ughhhhh..

Here is a sample. They ask not to use transparencies in vector submissions. I didn't .

UPD: huraaaaay!!! I have just received a message from istockphoto support that they will remove that file for me and I will be able to resubmit it. "crossing my fingers"


  1. wow...very nice one!

  2. Oh, very cool! I like the fluid look of this. But as a housewife, myself, it's stressing me out. HA!

    Crossing my fingers for you....

  3. Hi again! LOL, yes, I have to agree. Women have it harder these days. We have to do EVERYthing. I am a full time mom, but I still feel like a failure sometimes for not working, and now all my skills have disappeared. But not to put a damper on your work. I still think this illo is great!


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