17 February 2009

CooCoo Love Print

my hubby gave me beautiful flowers, and i made a t-shirt print for him. and a t-shirt of course...

well, we are both leos by zodiac, and of course this is craaaaaazyyyyyyyyy .. or coocoo :))

here is the tee


  1. OMG! That is coo-coo cooooool! What an excellent graphic with the gorgeous lions and petal-heart. Now THAT's a gift a guy would love. And it will last a very long time. You two are so awesome.

  2. thank you Bella so much for your appreciation! i really value your opinion and it gives me strength and more inspiration!


  3. This is absolutely gorgeous, creative designed! I've gone thru your other stuff, I found so many amazing works, and I met CooCoo, she looks real smart!

  4. hi Bobo! thanx for visiting! unlike CooCoo i love visitors :))

    (i saw your post about the "guest"... lol.. hang on, i am going to comment on that one)

  5. great design and an interesting blog. thanx for your comment btw!


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