25 January 2009

(tomorrow) Jan 26 - the Day of random directions

Now the idea for this came from a Russian fairy tales gimmick: a man comes to a stone with 3 written directions on it, something along these lines 'if you go left, you will lose a horse, if you go right, you will find gold, if you go straight, you will find your destiny'... or these direction may vary, including "if you go right - you will lose your life"...

here i wrote: "go left - lose a horse, go straight - find yourself, go right - find love"..
the weird and different thing about this illustration is that it is a little girl that is standing here, not a man on a horse.

anyways.. here it is

24 January 2009

Valentine card

This St.Valentine's card came to me by itself and insisted on being created :)

UPD: I have added "eternally yours" sign, but it can totally be removed, I just felt like there was a need for a few words.

IF: "climbing"

CooCoo doesn't like to go outside in winter, but my cartoon cat loves to explore and to meet pretty much anybody. Only this time the kitty is not sure... "to climb or not to climb". LOL. Raccoons on the trees is a regular thing in Toronto.

22 January 2009



I am planning to sign up for yoga class on Saturday. And here is my "daily" (not really, but kidna) illustration.

"CooCoo Yoga"

CooCoo is my cat. She is a calico and not red with stripes. I didn't make this cat character calico because I think such pattern would be too distracting for these illustrations. CooCoo does give me a lot of inspiration though... everyday.

21 January 2009

Almost "containted"

I missed the IF challenge with the word "contained". But looking at the wonderful illustrations submitted by the members of the IF community, I got inspired.

Here is my contained

UPD: thanx for the comments everybody!

this idea came from CooCoo herself. we have a tank with small fish and she would watch them but not very often. then we brought in a bigger fish and CooCoo immediately fell in love with here.. lol.. here is the documentary photo of CooCoo and the fish

the Adventrues of Strawberina

I promised to my new blog friend Jim Rowland to show a few images from my book. Here is the character I created for my book "Strawberina saves Fruitplace".

And she lives in a village called Fruitplace in a Strawberry house:

Her name is Strawberrina. She has friends and enemies, but she is brave and not afraid of anybody, and strong because she eats well and likes to play outside as oppose to watching TV :)

20 January 2009

Illustration Friday - Pale

UPD: I want to thank everybody for the kind comments. I wish I could reply directly to your comments, though.

19 January 2009

Let there be Light!

I made this picture for the contest under a slogan "Let there be light!" announced by Free-lance.ru

8 January 2009

Blog design

I have started editing my blog design, but gotta run... don't think please that this is how it is going to stay...

off to the gym

This is me


These are pictures of me I made in Illustrator last month.. or was it in November? On a treadmill and at work.

Here is one more for the "self-portrait party"

and another one you can see on my banner.

Christmas 2008

Christmas has gone already, but here are a few photos to remember it by. This is also to describe my comment to Rajee Sood's blog article "Trim Your Tree"

January 8 - The Day for Buttering Up Gremlins, evil spirits of computers

I work in techsupport, and I consider myself a gremlin, because my users make me like that, they irritate me with their rudeness and absolute stupidity. Not all of them of course. Some of them. But they ruin me and my attitude for everybody else.... I am not a naturally born tech support agent I guess. Here we are:

7 January 2009

January 7 - Day of "untying ski threads"

I am a member of this fun relaxed community on LJ called "kalendar". They celebrate every day, but not with your average regular St.Valentines Day or Thanksgiving. They create a new holiday for ever day, and we all are free to contribute with illustrations, photos, written stories. Since this community was created in Russian, all Days are also named in Russian. I am not really sure how to translate them, you are welcome to contribute with your version.

Following threads, making sence of something, even trying to solve a crime is the same word russians use for "untying". So here is my version, feel free to comment and laugh, just stay positive.

Oh! 2 more things: January 7th is also Orthodox Christmas (so Merry Christmas to me) and my mom's birthday (happy birthday, mom!)

Back to me

alrighty... it seems that "communities" are called groups, but I haven't found any that I like. I still have not figured out how to do that.

Seems to me I will be hanging out here by myself. Oh well, this is life.

How to use this blogger blog?

Hey, I wonder, are there like "communities" here, where people hang out, chat and chill?

Hello again

I keep trying to write something in this blog, but never get around to it... Now that LJ is on maintenance, I think I can actually start this blog, let it grow.

Happy Holidays, everyone!

I am a very self-centered and preoccupied with uncertainties person. I am not 100% sure in anything I do and therefore I require constant feedback, pat on the back, approval and other little indications of attention. I will respond with the same. I reserve the right not to, though

Anyways, I have always preferred LJ for blogging because there are communities there. Are there communities in Blogger? I will have to find out.

I am going to post a few of my recent-recent Illustrations here, but this is not really a portfolio. I don't have a portfolio yet. I am looking to make one, but have not decided on the layout and design yet. Plus i don't have many things to show. Yet

cheers! And here is something to dance to... just for fun