21 January 2009

Almost "containted"

I missed the IF challenge with the word "contained". But looking at the wonderful illustrations submitted by the members of the IF community, I got inspired.

Here is my contained

UPD: thanx for the comments everybody!

this idea came from CooCoo herself. we have a tank with small fish and she would watch them but not very often. then we brought in a bigger fish and CooCoo immediately fell in love with here.. lol.. here is the documentary photo of CooCoo and the fish


  1. Very cute illustration and concept!

    And thanks so much for your kind comment.


  2. cute cat and great concept.

    and thanks for dropping by at my blog :)

  3. I find this very charming. I really like your style here.

  4. hey Krowe! thank you for the message (i could not figure out how to comment on your blog)

    i like your illustrations a lot. they are very... polished, very advanced

  5. Heeheee! I hope CooCoo is just admiring. Wonderfully cute! I love your sense of humor. :D

  6. I've enjoyed looking at your blog. This picture is my favorite. Perfect for contained.


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