7 January 2009

Hello again

I keep trying to write something in this blog, but never get around to it... Now that LJ is on maintenance, I think I can actually start this blog, let it grow.

Happy Holidays, everyone!

I am a very self-centered and preoccupied with uncertainties person. I am not 100% sure in anything I do and therefore I require constant feedback, pat on the back, approval and other little indications of attention. I will respond with the same. I reserve the right not to, though

Anyways, I have always preferred LJ for blogging because there are communities there. Are there communities in Blogger? I will have to find out.

I am going to post a few of my recent-recent Illustrations here, but this is not really a portfolio. I don't have a portfolio yet. I am looking to make one, but have not decided on the layout and design yet. Plus i don't have many things to show. Yet

cheers! And here is something to dance to... just for fun

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