8 January 2009

January 8 - The Day for Buttering Up Gremlins, evil spirits of computers

I work in techsupport, and I consider myself a gremlin, because my users make me like that, they irritate me with their rudeness and absolute stupidity. Not all of them of course. Some of them. But they ruin me and my attitude for everybody else.... I am not a naturally born tech support agent I guess. Here we are:


  1. Hi! I'm so tickled and flattered that you're finding my posts interesting enough to read. Thank you so much for your uplifting comments. They really brighten my day. :)

    HA! This illustration made me laugh. So you feel like a little green gremlin sometimes, do you? Well, being buttered up doesn't look too pleasant, unfortunately. I have to admit, though, I've read a few of the truly stupid questions/complaints tech support receives, and I'm stunned, embarrassed for humankind. But it's still good for a laugh.

  2. oh my.. I am trying to have a chit chat once in a while with the users who call me, and sometimes we have great conversations and brighten up each others day... but sometimes i just get really annoyed... there is not enough creativity in this work for me. i am looking forward to maybe become an illustrator.. or something like that. i am done with customer service. ... well not really done, but i am hoping for the best! this year should liberate me :))


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