7 January 2009

January 7 - Day of "untying ski threads"

I am a member of this fun relaxed community on LJ called "kalendar". They celebrate every day, but not with your average regular St.Valentines Day or Thanksgiving. They create a new holiday for ever day, and we all are free to contribute with illustrations, photos, written stories. Since this community was created in Russian, all Days are also named in Russian. I am not really sure how to translate them, you are welcome to contribute with your version.

Following threads, making sence of something, even trying to solve a crime is the same word russians use for "untying". So here is my version, feel free to comment and laugh, just stay positive.

Oh! 2 more things: January 7th is also Orthodox Christmas (so Merry Christmas to me) and my mom's birthday (happy birthday, mom!)

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