25 January 2009

(tomorrow) Jan 26 - the Day of random directions

Now the idea for this came from a Russian fairy tales gimmick: a man comes to a stone with 3 written directions on it, something along these lines 'if you go left, you will lose a horse, if you go right, you will find gold, if you go straight, you will find your destiny'... or these direction may vary, including "if you go right - you will lose your life"...

here i wrote: "go left - lose a horse, go straight - find yourself, go right - find love"..
the weird and different thing about this illustration is that it is a little girl that is standing here, not a man on a horse.

anyways.. here it is


  1. I LOVE this! Such a great job on the graphics, with crisp, clean lines and colors. Ooooh. :)

    Hmmmm, either find yourself or find love, but not both. If you find love, do you lose yourself?

  2. thank you Bella for your wonderful comments!
    and as per signs.. well.. it is just random. no real thought behind them on my part :)

  3. A really intriguing narrative... the girl looks like she's clearing her throat... maybe she is a little 'hoarse" and going left would help her throat...:( bad word play, sorry. Love the additon of the wise old crow to the scene... maybe it could be the 'grasshopper' to the little girl's "Alice"...? Thanks for stopping by, appreciate it!


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