19 March 2009

Patterns and backgrounds. Part IV - 2

here is another one


  1. Haha! Now this REALLY looks like a swarm to me. I'd be running!

    Dusik, I love your new header! So beautiful and perfect for spring.

  2. a-haaaa! told ya!! you also saw the same things as i did

    and yes, i am longing for spring and this helps me :)

    thank you Bella (hugs)

  3. beautiful!I like it so much :)

  4. This is cool. How did you do this? I hope it is a psychedelic reflection instead of a swarm as Bella put it.

  5. thanx Ces! well, not really a swarm, but i see it as a sand storm. to be honest i already don't remember how i did it. i started with the usual "render - clouds".... then probably adding some plastic effect, then probably twirl or wave

    and then adding various kinds of gradients and transparencies...


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