18 March 2009

Patterns and backgrounds. Catwalk

Playing with photoshop patterns and textures. I also wanted to make a stylish illustration. I just love fashion shows, make-up, shoes, dressing up.


  1. Cool patterns to the extreme, fashion girl! And I must say, you design some sexy outfits, too. :D I've never actually been to a fashion show, have you?

  2. I like the effect of the lighting flare in the background! It really gives it that catwalk, camera flashes feel. Nice job!

  3. thank you Bella :) yes, i have been to a few fashion shows, but nothing.. you know... nothing "wow". just a few shows back in the third world country that i come from :))...

    thank you Nessa Dee! you are right, and those reflections inspired me to make this illo... i first make a background and then complete the picture with whatever it calls for. i just took a sketch i made a while ago, drew it in illustrator, and voila :)

  4. Dusik, your designs are better than the ones in Vogue.

  5. Ces you are too kind :)
    but i do feel sometimes that there is something lacking in the contemporary fashion. like they are bound by something, that we don't know. or like the designers are looking to impress by own creativity rather concentrate on the clothes.


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