1 March 2009

For istockphoto - DJ

i made this illo for istockphoto portfolio...

someone mentioned that it has no dynamics. how so? it makes me wanna dance :D


  1. Oh, that is cool! No dynamics??? But all the lights reflecting off the ball and the beams across the floor and the tilted turntables! Perhaps your critic has an inner-ear disability. :) I love his wired eyes. Sure makes me want to dance, too!

  2. (LOL.. inner-ear disability!!! :D)

    i dunno... i am not that advanced yet, and my critic is kinda a DJ and a designer too... i just don't know what kind of music he plays (possibly some kind of euro cr**)

    since i am a beginner, i wanted to hear an opinion of other professionals, you know... like you :D (even though you call yourself "dilettante" for some reason)

  3. Psh. Who's professional? Not me. I'm just a lowly sheep herder. Your art is awesome!


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