26 September 2009

Tried myself in oil...

i mean, i tried oil paint. i really really wanted to try. i realize i gotta learn and be more patient, but this was my first. so here it is.

Renoir had this as "two sisters", my girls grew up a little, and turned into "mother and daughter". (hmmmm.. Freudian slip on my behalf? :) )


  1. I like it, the colour and soft lines of the little girl's hair in particular. It doesn't look like oils - more like pastels. Very soft and flowing. Great first attempt!

  2. Oooh, Dusik! They have such beautiful faces. Really wonderful job. Your FIRST attempt? Wow, I'm really impressed.

    I prefer myself with a little pat of butter, actually.

  3. I thought it was pastel at first--clearly your experiments in pastel have carried over. How cool. I like the faces. They look like they're sharing a secret. :)


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