30 April 2009

Redbud fairies

I promised Amy to look for some fairies in the redbud tree flowers. Here I found 2 :^)
Ces, I told you the boy was ok !! :^))

Don't ask me why I put them so far up there on the picture. I don't know. I just screwed up I guess


  1. so sweet - i think it works where they are situated - it moves your eye around the painting...

  2. Glory be!!! These fairies make me smile BIG. She's in a very sexy pose. You make the best female figures, Dusik. And the boy -- wooooooo! He is shirtless!!! Thank you. :)

  3. oh yeah! shirtless! lol!

    i am going to make more boys soon... to make sure that i know that i can draw sexy boys too :)

  4. I'm late commenting on the fairy folk but I love them to bits. Super fun. And I like this lady's hair.

  5. whaaaa where have I been!?!?!? - far too slack in bloggy land that's for sure.
    This is so cute and magical, I am so glad you found them in that delightful tree what an adorable couple.

  6. Amy, thank you so much for the inspiration! that was your idea :)


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