27 April 2009

Mint fairy

We have some pepper mint and oregano and some other herbs starting to grow. We didn't plant them this year, they just kinda recovered from last year and started showing up a few days ago.

This fairy ... first i thought she was trying to pull the plant out of the soil. But then i realized, she just tries to make it grow faster :)


  1. HA! Oh, that's great! Love her stance. Though someone please tell her that's not how you make plants grow faster. :)

    Oooh, you have an herb garden. I'm so jealous!

  2. ah! its all right.. let her do it :)
    i need some mint you know :)

  3. oh, by the way! my basil i started from a leaf i bought in a fresh bunch in a store :). i planted it in a pot and keep it inside the house. it is still too small now, but i would love to always have fresh basil. it gets too pricy to buy and we eat a lot of basil in all kinds of pasta and fresh salads

  4. What? You can start basil from a leaf??? Do you put rooting hormone on the stem, or just stick the leaf in the dirt???? Do tell, do tell!

  5. well, a leaf with a stem. i put them in a glass of water, and within a week or two it rooted all over the glass, and then i planted it in a pot.

    i told my friend in Lithuania, and she did the same for rosemary


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