12 April 2009

Got wine! Come on in

So I have had my pastels for a while now, but have not been doing much with them. I have tried a few times, but was not really happy with the outcome. They act a bit weird (to me), but I guess I gotta keep practicing to feel 100% comfortable. I feel like we are a match, but just have not found our comfortable position yet :)

Here is an example


  1. Why don't you love this? I think the colors are very rich and appetizing. Nice job! I hope you get to a point where you feel comfortable using them. I guess everything takes a little getting used to.

  2. thank you Bella! your encouragement gives me hope :)

    i like this painting, but somehow i was hoping for smoother outcome, it looks a bit rough. and the colors are not as i expected them to be. but you are right, i can't be afraid, i need to do it again and again and it will work out

  3. I hope you're enjoying playing with the pastels. What you've posted looks great. The colors are super!

    I like the way pastels can be layered and blend or be layered and the colors lie on top of each other. I think that would be fun to experiment with but I have never been brave enough to touch pastels! :)

  4. i was not brave either. but then i decided, in case it doesn't come out - i'll just throw it away, i don't have to show everybody my messes :))

  5. Dusik, I don't care what you think of it. This is my favorite.


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