10 April 2009

Welcome back

A few weeks ago I made this illo and never posted here. Then I never got around to it being busy with some personal stuff. And now I am still a bit busy (making my portfolio website), but I decided to post this illo and wave myself "welcome back" :)


  1. YESSSSS! Welcome back! Is that you and hubby, coming back from the Islands? You have a gorgeous tan, my dear. Aaah, I love the bright tropical colors. I want to dive into this picture!

    When you have a moment, I have something for you.

  2. hi Bella!!!! well, that is me from my dreams and this dude kinda looks like my hubby yes :) a little bit more polished though. my hubby is more grungy looking HA HA HA!!!!

    well, i was busy with some family matters and then i decided that it was time to make a real portfolio website, and i made it. it took me 3 tries starting from scratch, but i did it. now i am registering a domain name and i am going to put it on the web :)

    i was checking my reader though and i noticed you have not been writing much either :) how is life?

  3. Hehehe! Yup, a sultry blonde in sunglasses. I knew it had to be you. :)

    I hope the family matters worked themselves out, and I can't wait to see your portfolio. Cool!

    Life has been good. My parents were visiting for a while, and you know, it kind of looks lame to sit and blog while your parents are right next to you.....

  4. oh, nice! parents visiting - that is always great. how did they like Japan? a bit of a culture shock? have they visited you before?

  5. HAHA! a-hem, yes, well. Seeing birds in roses signifies serious depravity. You need some Xanax.

    OMG, it totally does look like a bird. Maybe it's supposed to. I have no idea where that originated.

    My parents are not big city people, and to them, Tokyo was another big, busy city. But Kyoto they were impressed with. My dad's been here before, but it was my mom's first time. They really did enjoy it, though. Thanks for asking. :)

  6. yeah I want to go back, I am longing for warm - HOT weather and I want to go to your beautiful beach too - it looks lovely, a lovely piece.

  7. thank you Amy! i can't wait for hot weather myself ;).. they are promising +18 C this thursday!!! yay! (comparing to -1 this morning it is pretty hot)


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