25 April 2009

Sleeping fairy

I have made a few more fairies. This one is sleeping .. shhshshsh....


  1. I love your fairies! They are quite sexy. She even glows while sleeping, which is nice. You're your own nightlight. Gorgeous flower! The colors are deep.

  2. LOL, Bella, i was thinking the same thing (about sexy). boys should like my fairies :))

    thank you! let a glowing fairy grant your wish :)

  3. Well, I never looked for it but now that Bella mentioned it, the fairies are quite sexy, indeed. Do you think a Fairy appears in winter? What will they wear?

  4. well... hmmmm.. i dunno... let me think about it... if they like flowers, maybe they just sleep until summer comes under the snow?

    well, that would be unfair to us, you would say. i would agree. maybe they turn into beautiful snowflakes?


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