11 April 2009

OMG!!! I got an award!!!

Bella-who-is-the-best-blogger-ever passed on this amazing award to me among 10 other great bloggers!

Well, first of all I immediately went and added Peter Breese to the blogs I follow, as well as a bunch of other artists who I don't want to lose.

Now, my challenge is that I don't have enough blogger friends who I can share my fortune with :(

But I will try. I really love looking at the following blogs and get inspired by:

Jim Rowland

Adrienne Trafford
Pascal Campion
Pierre De Lune
and Why
(and i know I added Ces but she disappeared. I will add her again :0)


I will let them know in the comments and hope they accept this award. Their blogs really inspire me!

Please visit their blogs and take in the wonderment!

To the recipients: please select six new inspirational folks, give them a shiny new Breese Award –clean off any Champaign or similar celebratory stains – and keep the awesomeness moving along!


  1. Dusik, I'll be honored to accept anything you give me except a bill since I am just a starving artist.. :) Thank you so much you are a sweetie!

  2. Ces, i love the intricate patterns of the tree trunks that you create! and i just love the ink and oil paintings... you are very talented! keep that i mind, always remember, so that you would stop being starving, become really really rich and start accepting bills too!!! HA HA HA

  3. Weeeeeeeeeee! You are totally an inspiration, so you deserve it. And Ces -- yes, she has a habit of just disappearing, but she always pops up again. :)

  4. What?! I disappeared? This is so disco-m-boo-boo-lating.

  5. ha.. yeah :) right after you left a comment :/
    but i added you right back. on a separate line over there :)

  6. Dusik, I am very honoured by this distinction that you offer me. A large "Thank you" for this very encouraging gift! ;)

  7. thank you Pierre for accepting it! it really means a lot to me!

  8. I came back to make sure my name is still here! Hahahah!

  9. thanks so much for the award :)

  10. is it Ces? yes, it is! :)

    thank you Why! i love your Teru and his family character :0)

  11. Hi hi! Thanks for leaving a comment over at my monster blog. :D I'm keeping up with you now too.

  12. voz, i'm tellin ya, i just LOOOOVE your monsters :)

    they sure did inspire me for a few things. i'll show you later :)

    happy Easter!

  13. thank you for this award! you are a doll!!

  14. it is my pleasure Adrienne!


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